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thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Michael Grieve

I've been a window dresser for years now. I started my business in 1980 and have been decorating shops and windows since then.


10 years ago i started renting mannequins trough my website

After all these years i decided it was time to make an English version of my website, and so this is it.


In the meantime i also have a real shop and showroom in Mechelen Belgium.

And i have an online shop if you would rather buy mannequins and displays online.

This the adress of my shop and showroom:

Geerdegemvaart 22

2800 Mechelen


Monday, wednesday and friday from 10 - 12 am and 1- 5 pm

Please call me first if you want to visit my showroom so i can make time for you.

Here you can find my online store


If you need to contact me for information or for asking an offer these are my details.

Michael Grieve

Geerdegemvaart 36

2800 Mechelen

0475-294608 0032475-294608

BE0515 670 113